Firm Overview

The Athena Network is a woman-owned Financial and Life Management firm serving women, their spouses and extended families. 


Here’s an overview of our value-added client services:

Financial Management. We work as a fiduciary to provide integrated, fee-based financial planning and investment management for clients.

Life Management.  We also offer empowering programs, concierge services, and other valuable resources to make it easier for you to create the life YOU want to live.

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The Athena Network enjoys strategic, value-added affiliations with LPL Financial and Good Life Advisors.

LPL Financial (“LPL”).  LPL is the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer and one of its largest custodians.  The Athena Network utilizes LPL to custody all client assets, which means LPL holds and protects the assets, efficiently processes transactions, and provides simplified reporting and SIPC insurance. 

The relationship with LPL also affords The Athena Network and our clients with access to LPL’s unbiased, award-winning research, an open-architecture investment platform with no proprietary investments, superior financial planning tools and support, online client account access, a toll-free client support line, and many other benefits.

Good Life Advisors.  The Athena Network is a member of Good Life Advisors, LLC. Good Life Advisors is an LPL-affiliated registered investment advisor (RIA) that provides members with comprehensive support including compliance and regulatory oversight, administrative, investment, and financial planning support, payroll and back office services, training, and other value-added services. 

Location Independence

At The Athena Network, we regularly meet face-to-face with our local clients.

In addition, our use of secure technologies and tools like virtual meeting software, e-signature capabilities, our mobile “app”, and secure online client portals allows us to serve and meet with clients from virtually anywhere.  

Clients find our secure virtual meeting technology, in particular, to be effective and easy to use, as it enables meeting participants to clearly see and hear each other during discussions.  In addition, both advisors and clients are able to share documents and presentation materials during the meeting.

What does this mean for clients?

  • You are no longer constrained to working with advisors in your geographic area.  Now, you can connect with the advisor that best suits your needs and personality, no matter where they’re located!
  • Clients who are “snow birds” or who move to a different area of the country due to retirement, job relocation, or other reasons are able to continue relationships with a trusted advisor.
  • Those of you with busy, hectic lives (isn’t that all of us?) can save travel time and stress by choosing virtual meetings some or all of the time.