Why Women

My Personal Story, by Lisa Strohm, Founder & CEO:

As a young woman, I felt the world was my oyster — I did well in school, loved learning new things, and relished a challenge. As a result, I couldn’t understand why so many of the women in my family were dependent on the men in their lives to make every decision for them, especially the financial ones. Time and again I saw these women end up in a personal and financial crisis after the relationship ended, and their expressions of helplessness and fear for their future left me determined to never let that happen to me.

My deep-seated desire to become independent – both personally and financially – eventually propelled me to become a financial advisor. I immediately observed that, like the women in my family, many of my female clients were not engaged with their finances, leaving those decisions to their spouses. It became alarmingly clear to me that, like my family members, my female clients were relinquishing their power and setting themselves up for a potential financial crisis, should life not go as they planned.

Not long after launching my financial advisory career, I had to contend with a crisis of my own. I was widowed at 34 years old. My husband’s illness and death turned my world upside down – I never imagined that my “happily ever after” would be cut short at such a young age. But because I had a strong handle on our finances, after his death I was able to direct my energy toward grieving and emotional healing, instead of scrambling to deal with money issues. This experience solidified my conviction that women need to be engaged in their financial lives sooner rather than later – before the unexpected inevitably happens.

That’s why as an advisor my mission is to create an environment that inspires women to become fully engaged in their financial affairs, naturally leading to feelings of power and strength over their lives and optimism about their future.



My True Value

A message from Lisa Strohm, Founder & CEO:

I am a woman who has had vast life experiences, both positive and challenging.  I grew up in a lower middle class family that struggled with money.  I was my family’s first college graduate and am the only one with a Master’s degree.  I lost a spouse at a young age and have experienced the impacts of mental illness and substance abuse by people close to me.  I was a long time corporate employee who currently runs two businesses of my own.   I am remarried and now part of a blended family, with two stepchildren. All of these experiences have fueled my empathy for and passion to support the clients that I serve as a financial advisor.

As a professional woman working in a man’s world, I have learned that when woman experience an environment that is conducive to their style, and work with a professional that can communicate with them effectively, they naturally become more engaged in the process and more interested in making sound financial decisions.

Therefore, my true value as your financial advisor is my ability to draw upon my life and professional experiences, communication skills, and passion for what I do to provide a collaborative, educational, and empowering experience to support you in achieving your financial and life goals. 



Lisa's Biography

Lisa Strohm, Founder and CEO of The Athena Network, started her career in finance as an analyst for Air Products and Chemicals, a Fortune 500 industrial gas and chemical company.  After several years at Air Products, Lisa left the corporate world to pursue her passion, helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals.  Prior to founding Athena, Lisa worked in various wealth management settings, including a regional broker-dealer, a national wirehouse, and an independent registered investment advisor.

Lisa earned a B.S. in Biology from Bucknell University in 1991 and an MBA from Cornell University in 1996. She has been a CFP® certificant since 2004 and has passed Level 1 of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam.

Lisa holds or has held Board positions for the Program for Women and Families, the Northampton County SPCA, the Women’s Leadership Council of the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley, and the Southern Lehigh Chamber. She is a business member of Sisters U, a member of the Upper Buck and Lehigh Valley Chambers of Commerce, and Vice President of the Cornell Club of the Lehigh Valley. She also served for several years on the St. Luke’s Hospital Ball Committee.

Lisa is honored to be a Bucknell University Bertram Society Member as well as a member of Penn Medicine’s Medical Legacy Circle.

Lisa lives in eastern Pennsylvania with her husband, Rod, her stepchildren, and their two pugs. In addition to finance, Lisa enjoys reading and striving to lead a healthy lifestyle.  She and Rod also enjoy travel, live music, and rental real estate investing.