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My Women’s Wealth Process

Based on the core issues and concerns that many women face when it comes to their money, I have designed a unique process that enhances the experience for women and their ability to become more confident in making smart decisions with their financial life. Read More »

Are you a Responsible Woman?

As I began to focus my efforts on engaging women, I realized that most of the clients that are referred to me are responsible women whose lives have been consumed with work and family, often leaving their finances at the bottom of their priority list. Read More »

Passionately Filling a Void

During my first several years as a financial advisor, I worked one-on-one with clients and communicated with them in manner that I felt suited their individual personalities and needs. That changed after about 10 years into my career, when I joined an advisory firm with partners who took the lead with conversations at every client meeting and crafted all of the firm’s communications. Read More »