Investment Management

We build a Responsible Investment Strategy that suits your needs, priorities, and desired lifestyle.

Your investment strategy has the following features:


The focus is on helping you achieve your priorities, not simply beating an industry benchmark like the S&P 500 Index.


Your investment strategy is personalized for you as follows:

  • Your investment strategy takes into account your “money personality” (how your relationship with money affects your overall finances), risk tolerance, investment time horizon, tax situation, and goals.
  • We also incorporate your personal preferences regarding particular investment types or asset class categories to be explicitly included or excluded in your portfolio. For example, if considering both financial return and social good is important to you, you may request that your investment portfolio include only socially responsible investments, also known as ESRs (Environmental, Social, & Governance investments).


Your investment strategy incorporates these responsible approaches:

  • Your strategy will make use of appropriate asset allocation, using multiple asset class categories. This is the concept of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”; we aim to balance risk and reward by investing in many different types of investments.
  • We will employ periodic rebalancing. Rebalancing is simply returning your portfolio back to its target allocation after market movements or other factors have made its weightings “out of whack”. This is another risk management tool for your portfolio.
  • Your portfolio will include best-in-class investments within each asset category, using a mix of inexpensive market index funds (for example, investments that mimic the components of the S&P 500 Index) and top-performing actively managed investments (those that are structured to potentially outperform the market indices).
  • Perhaps as important as the construction of your portfolio, we will be there with education and coaching so that you don’t make knee-jerk, emotional decisions regarding your investments.