Life Management

At The Athena Network, we want to support you in all areas of your life –financial as well as non-financial – as you juggle your many priorities.

With that in mind, we provide the following services to help you take care of things that need to get done, save you time, reduce stress, and simplify your life:

Key Concierge Service

Not sure what type of mortgage to take out on your new residential purchase?   Have you heard that a Roth conversion might be a good idea, but don’t know how to evaluate the decision? Is it important to you to pass on money and life values to your children, but you’re not certain how to do so?

These are the types of dilemmas that people face every day that may leave you wondering where to start.  As a client of The Athena Network, start with our Key Concierge Service! We routinely and happily assist our clients with various types of finance-related personal services that are outside of the traditional scope of most wealth management firms.

We’ll do our best to work with you to analyze your situation and develop a workable solution.  And if we can’t help you directly, we’ll assist you in finding the appropriate resources to solve your problem. Whatever your particular challenges, we want to be the “key” to the resources, skills, and support you need to help you navigate your life.

Quality Service Provider (QSP) Program

Perhaps you find yourself in need of nutrition counseling, elder care services for a loved one, or a part-time nanny. Or maybe you’re new to the area and need to find a good hair stylist, personal trainer, or dog walker.

As a client of The Athena Network, if you don’t have quality service providers at your disposal in your areas of need, turn to us. Through our Quality Service Provider (QSP) Program, we offer resources to identify, research, and vet professional service providers (SPs) on behalf of clients.

  • We maintain a slate of vetted SPs for various types of professional services. If you need a service outside of our current resource list, we’ll be happy to research providers on your behalf.
  • There are a minimum of three (3) recommended SPs in each service category. The choice of multiple SPs in a particular category increases the likelihood you will find a provider whose personality, client service process, and credentials are to your liking.
  • Carefully researched standards in each service category must be met or exceeded for an SP’s inclusion in the QSP program.(While we can’t guarantee the credentials or performance of any SP in the program, we do our best to vet them as thoroughly as possible).
  • Upon identification of a client need, The Athena Network will make the introduction to SPs and will remain involved in the process throughout (unless you direct otherwise) to ensure a quality experience for you.
  • There are no referral fees or revenue sharing arrangements between The Athena Network and SPs in the QSP Program. The service is simply a unique and value-added resource that Athena provides to its clients.