Exploring The Athena Network

Are you considering working with us?  Here’s our typical engagement process with potential clients:

Step 1:  Tell us about you. When you initially engage with us, we’ll request 10-15 minutes of your time to fill out a brief, confidential questionnaire.  Your answers will provide us with some basic facts about you, your financial and investment experience, and your reason for contacting us.  Sharing this information with us will set the stage for a productive and meaningful introductory meeting tailored to your needs.

Step 2:  Let’s get to know each other.  After we’ve had the opportunity to review your questionnaire responses, we’ll contact you to schedule a complimentary “get to know you” consultation.  At this meeting we will seek to understand more about you and your circumstances, challenges, and ambitions, as well as your expectations for a relationship with The Athena Network. We will explain our firm’s capabilities and processes, and determine if our services fit your needs.  We’ll invite you to ask questions throughout the discussion.

Step 3:  Are we a fit? If, after the “get to know you” meeting, you feel that we are not a good fit for you, you will be under no obligation to pursue a relationship with us.

If you decide that the services offered by The Athena Network meet your needs, we will be delighted and honored to welcome you as a client.  We’ve mapped out The Athena Network Client Experience so that you’ll know what to expect as a client of our firm.

The Athena Network Client Experience

Here’s what you can expect as a client of our firm:

Life By Design Plan:  We develop this plan together to provide clarity and confidence in how to create and live the life you want. This includes:

  • Your Life by Design Worksheet, which helps us to gain clarity as to your current financial situation. 
  • Development of your personal Life by Design Pyramid, which helps us to understand your current and desired lifestyle. 
  • The Financial Purpose & Priorities Exercise, in which we work to identify your life priorities, and translate them into meaningful financial goals.  

Responsible Investment Strategy:  We build this strategy to support your specific needs, priorities, and desired lifestyle. This includes:

  • My Money Personality, Part 1. What is your relationship with money?
  • My Money Personality, Part II. How do you feel about investment volatility? Do you have any investment preferences or restrictions?
  • Investment Design & Implementation Plan.

Confident Women’s Program: Become part of this community of women becoming confident and empowered through:

  • Engaging Events
  • Enriching Workshops
  • Enlightening Communications